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Elizabeth Taylor, also known as Pureness, is the founder/owner of Faces By Pureness, a company that is prided by her customer service, cleanliness, and talent in the field of beauty.  This company was built with high standards and she plans on keeping those standards very high. Pureness began dabbling in makeup during her high school teenage years as she worked in an aesthetics shop. She then decided to change her future career focus when she attended college. Soon there after she realized that she would never leave beauty behind. She entered in the entertainment field, and while singing and being in front of the camera, she was also very involved backstage. She did her own hair, makeup, and wardrobe as well as everyone else. As she worked for the government for years to follow and attended the university leveled courses for advertising, she realized that her talent should not be a side job, but yet her cause…there began Faces By Pureness.

Now having earned certification in hair, nails, and black hair, she is here to work for you! Pureness has dealt with many professions that focused on clientèle, respect, and purity; so now she will hold her own company with the highest measure in all these categories. Pureness has worked on a spectrum of clients from Weddings, Videos, Photo shoots, and Magazines, as well as Silver (formally Solitair), Avon Canada, Long & McQuade, and WNBA star Tammy Sutton-Brown.

Hire Faces By Pureness for your next beauty service and we will be there for you!!

A Women’s Virtue=Pureness.

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